About Us

At WealthSense, we aim to provide a smart, simple way to purchase insurance and investments, and help you set up banking on your own terms. With access to knowledge at arm’s length, why not find the answers you are looking for right in front of you. We will provide you the tools that are necessary for you to succeed.

We also know there will be questions to answer, so our team is ready to assist when needed. Our expert financial advisors are always available when you need them. They can help plan your financial milestones; answer any questions you might have, like “how much insurance do I need?”; outline potential risks and what kind of investment accounts you should have; advise you on your banking options; and provide guidance on your financial well-being.

With investing being one part of your financial picture. There are many ways to reach your goals and manage your money. High interest savings through our banks. Commission-free trading. Dollar Cost Averaging for you monthly investment. These are a few of ways you can take advantage of any market to grow your money. We believe we can help make it easier for you to save the future. We believe that everyone should have access to make smart financial choices, we understand how much you have researched the process, so why not make it easy for you to move forward with or without our direction.

Wealth Sense knows that your access to financial stability is of importance to you. Our mission is to make sure everyone has the ability to access information by a process that makes it simple, unsophisticated, and affordable.

We have governmental laws in place to protect the consumer and are committed to building an actively inclusive environment, where everyone can be themselves. Which is why you will only be contacted by our employees to finalize your applications with a couple of simple questions that are required of us by law. Or if you have requested for us to contact you to help provide you advice regarding your financial well-being. We will go above and beyond to encourage everyone to find their best financial future…With or Without us.